About the Artist

I was born in rural Missouri. My childhood was nomadic and stamped by poverty. My own personal odyssey led me to long sojourns in Europe, Africa and Jamaica. My name was given to me in Mali and means “wise friend”.

In Cameroon, I had a farm raising baby gorillas, chimpanzees and a baby elephant. As a single mother, I raised two sons in Cambridge, Massachusetts with the help of a great dane named "Yasu". I discovered leather as a medium for fine art after having worked with it as a craft.

I started working with gourds after I became irresistibly attracted to them, because of their uncanny resemblance to leather. The final results, informed by modern concepts of design, are contemporary art pieces.

I have lived very close to nature and the earth which is reflected in my work. After years of world travel, the southwest strongly beckoned to me and I made Santa Fe my home for 20 years. I now reside in Marin County, CA. My personal motto is, “Make it beautiful”.

For more information about any of the art or crafts pieces you see here, please call me at 415.485.9272 or send an email to me here.



Selected Exhibitions

Casa de la Cultura, Estepona, Spain
Alan Stone Gallery, NYC
Trump Tower, NYC
Jamaica House, Jamaica
Jackalope World Market
Gallery Pointe du Jour, Paris

Selected Collectors

R.C. Gorman, Taos
Ramsey Lewis, Chicago
Miles Davis, NYC
Tanners, Jamaica
Andrew Silver, Boston
Edward Seaga, P.M. Jamaica