Gourd Crafts

Vine gourds are carefully handcrafted to be unique, decorative, useful and long-lasting objects of any decor or environment.

In this age of synthetic, imitation, and constant search for something new, the gourd is a symbol of our creator, which gave us the gourd when time began, nature's gift to use for countless purposes and pleasures, limited only by our ability to see the gifts of nature all around us. The lowly gourd remains essential today in many parts of our world where new is not considered better.

Decorated gourds and gourd designs have been found in the ruins and artifacts of nearly every ancient civilization, legacies from our long-vanished ancestors of North and South America, Asia, Africa, Southern Europe, the Polynesian, Hawaiian and Caribbean Islands.

Carved, decorated, polished, incised, engraved, wood-burned, bleached aged in sand and soil, and handpainted gourds have been religious objects, food, containers, decorative pieces for the body and soul and a myriad of rhythm and musical instruments including gourd drums and gourd rattles. Today, gourds are still indispensable to many cultures in many parts of the world for these very same, ageless reasons.

Believed to have first sprouted in Africa, hard-shell (Lagenaria) gourds are a distant cousin of the squash melon, bright green while growing and similar in composition.

There are many specific varieties of gourds and they are a mixture of every species. They mature to an infinite assortment of shapes and sizes, no two alike, as nature first intended. When the vine gourd begins its transformation, the stem no longer accepts nourishment and the gourd dries slowly with no help but the sun and the wind, leaving no trace of what it was but the seeds for the next generation.

In the Southwest, gourds flourish and grow in hot, sandy places. Our growing season is too short to raise gourds much larger than melons. The super-large gourds featured here, have been selected from a farm in California.

Southwest gourds shown here are as follows: Long-handled Dipper, Crown of Thorns, Egg Gourd, Spoon, Dudiam, Snake, Pitcher and several varieties of Lagenaria Gourds.

As artists or craftsmen, we have only to use our imagination and a few simple tools to complete the plan of purpose and beauty. Mother Nature's raw material which sheds the rain and water is the source of a gourd's beginning and end.

Enjoy this gift of nature, reflecting on our beginnings, linking us to the pioneers of American and Indian civilizations and on and on into unrecorded history.

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Crown of Thorns