Leather Crafts

Leather improves its beauty with age and its dignity often bears the marks of the living animal from which it came.

I am a master craftsman from the old school of leather work. I design and make each piece meticulously by hand and my diverse concepts employ a wide variety of techniques. I work with all types of leather after exploring the artistic possibilities suggested by their grain, texture, size and color. From soft, velvety feather-light skins I make luxurious ponchos in 40 different colors.

I also create elegant briefcases, belts, leather capes, leather shoulder bags for women and leather hand bags in contemporary styles. My workshop is small and intimate. I design for the connoisseur. Custom leather orders and commissions are welcome.

Amï Diallo
Phone: 415.485.9272
Email: Here nippybird1@gmail.com

Jewelry by Crowheart -- Photos by Lorrie Latham

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Leather Ponchos

Leather Belts

Leather Hand Bags


Crocodile Briefcase

Leather Shoulder Bags

Executive Envelopes